Canadian "Ring 1" Champion   2010  
               Cherie du DGV            
 Pictured above is "Cherie du DGV" judged at the 2009 Nationale D'Elevage in La
Souterraine France, May 2009,   Cherie was 1 of the few elete participants out of
nearly 600 Beaucerons that was awarded a perfect 10/10/10 on her "test de
charactere"  by judge M.Gothiere. Cherie was also award an "Excellent plus" in
morphology and an "Excellent plus" in her measurements.
CSAU /CGN / Sch. BH.   

   Videos -
Brevet -      95.7/100,   
Ring 1 -       181.300/200   
Ring 1-       Finale de la Coupe des Clubs 2011
Ring 1-       Nationale D'Elevage 2011
Ring 1-       49th Nationale D'Elevage 2011 Louroux Hodement
Ring 2-       Berger Francais 2011
Cherie's Ringsport  Brevet 95.7/100
Sept. 11-12  2009@ Club du Ring de la Montagne, Montreal Canada

Decoy- Eric Issarte   
Judge -M.Bouterige
Artzain and Cherie